Mitsubishi Electric Ductables AC


Problem solver for residential hotels, museums, libraries, or hospitals where low noise is especially a must!

Salient Features

✱ Easy Maintenance
✱ Energy saving
✱ Ultra low noise
✱ Enables to install for symmetric design room
✱ Operable by key card switch


The ultra thin unit of 200mm offers increased flexibility, and is particularly suitable for places where low noise operation is desired from a slim line body.

Salient Features

✱ Changeable static pressure
✱ Changeable airflow rate
✱ Choice for drain pump
✱ Reduced noise thanks to the use of newly designed centrifugal fan and coil
✱ PP Honeycomb fabric


With precise control of indoor temperature while operating with optimum energy usage, it offers a high-energy saving efficiency.

Salient Features

✱ Compact Indoor Units
✱ Drain Pump Option
✱ External static pressure


Increased design flexibility from sufficient external static pressure allows authentic duct air- conditioning with an elegant interior layout.

Salient Features

✱ High static pressure of 200 Pa or higher
✱ One-side maintenance
✱ Reduced noise

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