We under take to service and maintain your air conditioner in good running condition under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Types of AMC

✱ Labour contract

✱ Non Comprehensive contract

✱ Comprehensive contract

✱ With Compressor

Benefits & futures of contract

✱ Air conditioning unit will be checked initially before service, for Temperature, Amperage and Noise.

✱ The unit will be pulled out, but will not be brought down and physical inspection of the unit will be undertaken.

✱ Air filter will be cleaned.

✱ Evaporator coil will be checked and cleaned. Condenser coil will be checked.

✱ Electrical control panel will be checked and cleaned. i.e check-up of Selector switch. Thermostat P.T.C.R. Oscillation Motor, Vent Levers and Exhaust Levers, if necessary.

✱ All Electrical components, such as Running Capacitor, Starting Capacitor, Fan Capacitor, Relay Over Load Protector will be inspected visually for any damages.

✱ Wiring and fastening clips will be checked and if necessary, it will de replaced.

✱ Fan Motors will be checked and lubrication of the fan motor will be done.

✱ Compressor will be thoroughly checked.

✱ Unit will be cleaned from any dust and slime.

✱ Stabilizer, tripper Switch, Electrical Power Point for the A/C. unit will be checked.

✱ After service, Front panel will be cleaned and checked and checked for any defect.

✱ A/C unit will be on test run for through check on temperature and working efficiency after service.

✱ Detailed report of the A/c unit will be made and will be handed over to customer for their reference. Any repairs required will be informed immediately.

✱ Servicing A/c. unit will be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly / Quarterly Basis as per the customer’s desire. Any breakdown calls will be attended with immediate response on normal working hours.

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